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You thought magic would be easy?

Kym wanted nothing to do with the magical world since the deaths of her aunt and uncle, but that was before the river attacked her. Now, with her magic discovered, Kym must join a world she never liked or understood.

Kym’s inability to keep up with her magical training, as well as her resistance to her almost-royal status, makes her an outcast among the Favored. But she doesn’t give up, and trains even harder as she competes for Lady Nila’s attention. But the Ruler of Water is a difficult woman to please. 

Magic and Favored. Rulers and Gods. Festivals and plots. But will Kym choose a side?

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Will the worthy answer the call?
When Kym Collins stopped the Rulers of Princirum from starting a war with the gods, the last thing she expected was to be accused of disloyalty. Now the Vanquisher of Water hasn’t left the palace for months. All Kym wants is to use her magic to defend  her home from death’s destruction…but the gods have other plans for her.
The future is uncertain as powerful new forces rattle the old foundations, while an unknown sickness seeps through Princirum’s cities. Kym is determined to protect those she loves, but fighting to maintain order may not be what she expects. The priests see the signs, and the Favored must answer the gods’ call to determine Princirum’s fate. There’s just one problem…Kym believes there’s a better way. However, the choice may not be hers to make as Favored, Rulers, and gods struggle for supremacy.
Favored will clash. Prized will rise. One will triumph.


Who can reject the gift of death?


Kym Collins lost more than her magic when she betrayed the Rulers of Princirum. Now, the magicless Vanquisher of Water is a prisoner in Tenbatter, while Thed, the god of death, uses the corrupt Rulers to infect Princirum with his devastating gift. However, stone and a crippled body are no match for the gods’ plan.


Tired of being a pawn, Kym resists her so-called destiny, while those she thought lost to Nothingness question her actions. Kym seeks to regain her once unwanted magic and uncovers the last pocket of life instead. But as Thed seeks to consume these True Disciples, Kym suspects their intentions may not be as pure as they say. To protect the people she loves, Kym must follow the path the gods set her on to face those who tried to kill her…and the god determined to eradicate life itself.


Scars can heal. Death can consume. Warriors can sacrifice.

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